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Robin Chan

Concerned citizens write to a number of world leaders and representatives about specific human rights cases during the 2008 Writeathon at the First Parish Church in Harvard Square on Friday night. The writeathon was in conjunction with Human Rights Day which is on December 10. Photo: Robin Chan

I survived my first writeathon over this weekend.  My elbow was soar from doing it, but it was a good soar. I wanted to write a quick post to try to continue the energy and enthusiasm from Human Rights day by asking members of the Boston Firefly Project to help me out with my campaign against trafficking.

During my search for trafficking information, I stumbled upon Massachusetts Senate Bill No. 97.  It is a bill that was drafted to put anti-human trafficking legislation in the Massachusetts lawbooks.  From my understanding, the bill is currently before the Senate Ways and Means Committee and would expire if no action is taken by December 31, 2008.

The bill was put forth by Senator Mark Montigny in 2007.  I would like to request our readers to take fifteen minutes out of your day and write to your state representative and state senator and ask them what is the status of State Senate Bill No. 97 and to encourage them to act before the bill expires.  You may have to use the traditional letter writing approach as my state senator apparently does not accept e-mail. Remember, “all politics is local” as Tip O’Neill once said.  Change starts with you.  Thank you.

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