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Slumdog for $400, 000

Slumdog for $400, 000

Apparently $400, 000 can buy you a Slumdog Millionaire actress, at least that’s what a British journalist found out when he posed as a potential buyer from the Middle East according to AP.   This just shows you how much slavery is a problem in India.  They are desperately poor and seem to have little regard with women, a perfect mixture for slavery.

What does it take to end slavery?

A. Political Will

B. People power in the form of a grassroots movement

C. Economic opportunity

D. All of the above

Everyone can join in the movement to end slavery.  We’ve done it before in the 19th century, and we know what needs to be done to make that happen.  It has to start on the ground with ordinary people like you and me.  Be part of the movement today by writing to your state senator about Montigny’s bill which would finally put human trafficking legislation into the Massachusetts lawbooks.

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Just wanted to quickly post a link of a sex trafficking report done by a Houston Chornicle photojournalist.


A victim of Houston's sex-trafficking ring is now living with her two sons, ages 6 and 9. They were reunited last summer after she spent more than two years getting visas for herself and her boys. Photo by: JULIO CORTEZ, CHRONICLE

It seems to be an overview of the problem.  The main points are that even if the leaders of trafficking rings are behind bars, the victims are still fearful of retaliation by his or her friends or relatives back home in Mexico or elsewhere.  One victim said that, “I came to [America] with the dream of making things better for my children, but instead of helping them I’ve actually sacrificed them.”


The player is built in the Houston Chronicle website so you have to go there to watch the 3:35 piece.

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