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This blog is a project of the Boston Firefly Project. Our group members will periodically publish info related to their personal human rights interests and their work with BFP on education, activism and networking as it relates to human rights and social justice.

I thought that for my first post, I would include a short video relevant to all the political excitement in the air. The following video is from the “Keep the Dream Alive” event (a tribute to MLK Jr.) in Memphis during Amnesty’s Southern Regional Conference over Halloween weekend. In the video, Adiyah Ali, a field organizer for Amnesty International, comments on how to help young people understand the relevance of civil and human rights today.

I think it’s particularly important for our generation (us twenty and thirty somethings) to engage and enlighten ourselves on human rights issues. Most of us in the group subscribe to a very broad definition of human rights – the basic idea that everyone is entitled to not just civil and political rights, but also to economic, social and cultural rights and should have opportunity to fulfill those rights.

Many of the posts to this blog will represent those ideals. Then again this is a group blog and the broad array of thoughts and approaches to human rights that each of our members personally subscribes to and takes will surely differ – so there may be conflicting musings. That is great! Rarely do we get to engage our peers on such topics.

I hereby establish this space as a safe space for our members (and our readers of course) to discuss their personal feelings on human rights issues – those relating to crises, activism, action (or often lack thereof), debates, law and more.

Let us hope that this blog will help each of us to engage ourselves and others more deeply in these much needed conversations.

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